Hello! My name is Athena and welcome to my book blog Paper Cups and Paperbacks! My goal with my content is to provide book suggestions and share my love for latest buzz within this industry. I post hauls (books and funko pops), reviews (a range of genres) and monthly updates (tbrs and wrap-ups).

I am currently living in London and going to university with my degree being Publishing and Creative Writing. My ultimate goal is to one day work in the publishing industry while writing my own work on the side – poetry is my favorite. It has been a fantastic opportunity so far so I created this blog with hopes of it helping me grow with experience.


I chose to do a Publishing and Creative Writing degree because I have always loved books, find the production interesting and love seeing the process of writers. I have found it to be a perfect degree for me in an amazing location so I highly recommend looking for this type of degree if you are about to go into university.

(Credits go to my boyfriend for the brilliant name.)