DBFCEEDA-88EE-4557-BA5A-2E2B4DAB09F1Hello book lovers! My name is Athena and welcome to my book blog Paper Cups and Paperbacks! My goal with my content is to provide book suggestions whilst sharing my love for the latest buzz within the industry. I post book hauls, reviews (I accept review requests — click here), monthly reading updates (when life isn’t too crazy), and lifestyle bits.

I am currently living in London and studying Publishing with Creative Writing. My ultimate goal is to one day work in the publishing industry while writing my own work on the side. I have loved every second of the experience so far and created this blog to use as an outlet for the industrial knowledge I have learned and to share my emotions through the books                                                                   I read (often times expressed through rants and lots of CAPS).

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and be sure to check out my other creative outlets linked on the sidebar!

(Credits go to my boyfriend for the brilliant name.)