Spring Book Haul: I Have No Control

Spring Haul Title

Hello book lovers! I hope that all of you are doing well. I am officially on summer break but have been super busy with my family so my blog has been put on hold for a bit but I am back! I have a lot of fun posts planned for these next few months so be sure to follow so that you don’t miss out!

I was originally just going to make a haul for the month of April but then realised that I went on a book buying craze in both April and May. I was trying to make the most of my time with Waterstones and Foyles while dealing with new releases that I have been eager to grab, as well as having my mom visit which lead to spending a while in Waterstones Piccadilly and going to central with my boyfriend numerous times which means returning with at least one book each time. TALK ABOUT BOOK BUYING SUPPORT! Continue reading “Spring Book Haul: I Have No Control”

Shakespeare and Company Book Haul


Mom: Any requests while we are in Paris?

Me: Shakespeare and Company, the Notre Dame in daylight, the Eiffel Tower and good food.


Not gonna lie, I did walk into the store with a lot of books in mind but was good and only walked out with three… and a tote bag, of course. It is a wonderful atmosphere, full of book lovers and tourists following Pinterest and their tour books. However, it is crowded and hot so be sure to have book ideas in mind. Whether that means title, authors, editions, or genres. Fun fact: You can look online to see what books they have in stock (whether that means on the shelves or in storage). Good way to prevent disappointment. Continue reading “Shakespeare and Company Book Haul”

Waterstones Book Haul


To conclude a very long shopping day in Central London, my friend and I made the risky choice to go into Waterstones. With us both having a love for books and being publishing students, we rarely have the strength to limit ourselves. My total ended up being £45 (originally £55) for five books, a mug, and a tote bag – thank god for their £10 reward system. Yes, I now only need two stamps until my next reward but I probably shouldn’t be proud of that.

These are all books that I have been wanting to read (three classics, one recently award-winning, and a new nonfiction release). Really looking forward to reading and reviewing them. Updates will be posted on my Instagram. Continue reading “Waterstones Book Haul”