10 Books to Read This Fall

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Hello book lovers! As the first week of fall comes to a close, I thought it would be a perfect time to share my 2019 fall reading recommendations with you. These are all books that I have read myself, deeply enjoyed, and cannot see a better time for you to pick them up. If you’re looking for something whimsical, I’ve got you covered. Eery and hooking? Got it. Current with recent news and politics? I’ve got that too! With a list of 10, I’m hoping there’s at least one book for each of you that you haven’t read yet AND that you will enjoy. Now get a warm beverage and cozy up in a blanket so that we can dive on in! Continue reading “10 Books to Read This Fall”

Dear Diary #1: Grad Life

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Dear Diary,

It’s officially that time of the year where the leaves are beginning to change (in some places), school is starting back up, and everyone is having to readjust their “norm”. This is my first year since the age of 3 where I’m not preparing to go back to school. I’m not buying new school clothes, packing up my belongings to head back to my university, and I’m not counting down the days until I’m back in the city that I love. It’s hard. Continue reading “Dear Diary #1: Grad Life”

June Favourites

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Hello book lovers! With June wrapping up, it’s time to share my five favorites things from this month. June has been an up and down month for me, from being busy traveling to job applications to preparing my flat to move out, it has been interesting to see what things became essentials for me. With so many things feeling out of my control lately, I took a step back to look at how my daily routines were going and what changes I wanted to make to feel better. So let’s get on to what items did exactly that for me in June! Continue reading “June Favourites”

June Book of the Month

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Hello book lovers! I hope all of you are doing well. It’s that time again where I share my favorite book of the month. How has the time gone by so fast? June has been an odd reading month for me – I only managed to finish one book thanks to finally starting The Night Circus (which I am really enjoying) so naturally, the only book I finished is my book of the month. That’s not to say it doesn’t 100% deserve the award though! Continue reading “June Book of the Month”

Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back

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Hello book lovers! Before starting today’s post, I need to ask you a question: Have you ever stopped yourself from applying for a job because you doubted your capability?

I have, more times than I would like to admit, and I never realized there was a real term for it until hearing one of my lecturers mention it. Imposter syndrome. And I would assume you are lying to yourself if your answer was no to my question. Whether it was just one minor detail or a task you assumed you wouldn’t be good enough for, so many us of have been there. We get it. You’re not alone. So how do we overcome it? How do we stop holding ourselves back, believing we are good enough for a job that made our hearts leap when we read the announcement, and finally apply to any and every job we desire? Continue reading “Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back”

Mid-Year Reading Update

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Hello book lovers! I hope that all of you are doing well. Is anyone else completely thrown-off by the fact that it is already June? Where has this year gone?? As someone dealing with the pressures of finding a job and moving, I do not appreciate time flying by – it only adds to the stress! June is also the halfway mark for those of us with reading goals for 2019. My goal is 35 books and I am only at 12, thanks to barely having any ‘fun reading time’ during the final months of my degree, which Goodreads likes to remind me as being ‘3 books behind schedule’. Thanks babe. Continue reading “Mid-Year Reading Update”

5 Things to Do After Graduation Before Starting Your Career

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Hello book lovers! I am here today with your Friday post. I thought that in the midst of exploring more lifestyle-focused topics, I would write about something that I have been struggling with but know that is VERY relatable for a lot of people. That is – Being done with education (for now). As someone who finished university over two weeks ago, I am currently living in this confused state of wanting to be happy its summer break but also being smacked in the face by the fact that I am meant to have a career now and be a “proper adult”. Continue reading “5 Things to Do After Graduation Before Starting Your Career”

The Series I Binge Read This Summer

TATBILB Review Header

Hello book lovers! Another week, another catch-up review. I have recently been finding it hard to balance my bookish social media and reading due to me getting so into my recent reads so apologies for the inconsistency. I know that sounds crazy seeing as I am on summer break still so I SHOULD be taking advantage of that fact but instead my body seems to be choosing sleep when I do want to be productive, which is not necessarily a bad thing as a university student currently on break. With that being said, I am returning to uni next week with classes starting the week after so I plan on creating a schedule to time out everything and truly make the most of my final year. Yay for only having two days of classes…?  Continue reading “The Series I Binge Read This Summer”

You Need to Read This Book.

The Hate U Give Review

Hello book lovers! Long time no see! I took quite a long break from here due to being in the (very) long process of moving AND having a two-week internship  at Hachette in London (which I will write a post about in the near future) so taking photos, notes, and finding the time to write while juggling all of the craziness and my current reading kick clearly did not work out. However, seeing as I have been reading like crazy, I have so many book reviews to catch up on for you guys and I am so excited – I have had some really good luck with my book choices this summer which means positive content and an encouraged reader (who may or may not be about to fall into a reading slump due to running low on good books but fingers crossed this does not happen as reading is currently my sanity). Continue reading “You Need to Read This Book.”