A Life Update

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Hello book lovers! I am finally back after a very long ten months’ hiatus. Life has been crazy, to say the least – and boy has a lot changed since I last wrote to you guys. Just to do a quick round-up, here’s a bit of what happened these last ten months:

1. I am done with university. I know, crazy right? To say that I am feeling incredibly lost would be an understatement. I hoped that it would just feel like I had finally reached summer break after a very tough and exhausting final year but nope. Instead, I am absolutely terrified of what the future holds for me.

2. My family moved last summer and my heart still yearns for the place we left. Without going into too many personal details, it was the longest I had ever lived somewhere – nine years to be exact – and that was a really big deal to me. With my lifestyle, I continuously adjust to changes and adapt whenever I need to, but this time around has really messed with my head.

3. I published a book collection with my publishing course. We did everything from coming up with the idea, selecting our own individual titles (which we edited and designed ourselves) before hosting a sales conference (and a launch party that I wasn’t a part of, for personal reasons). The assignment was a faff and draining but 100% the thing that I am most proud of from my 3 years. Not to mention the fact that I now have a book that I made myself to show to employers – fingers crossed that will help me in at least some way! I also wrote a 10,600+ word DISSERTATION which is insane to say. It was an extremely stressful and testing assignment but I am so incredibly proud of myself for achieving what I did.


4. I am now at the stage in my life where I have to work out my career. My situation is quite a unique one as I am trying my best to stay in London to pursue publishing due to not being able to work where my family lives. If worse comes to worst, I will move home after graduation later this summer and become a full-time blogger and freelance editor. I can’t say it’s the most ideal situation but I’m continuously kicking my butt trying to get a job. Submitting at least one application a day for weeks straight has been exhausting but I am crossing every body part possible that a miracle will occur and I will succeed in my dream. All positives thoughts are welcome!

5. Since October, I have been practicing yoga daily and absolutely love it. I practice every morning at home but began attending classes in January. Doing it alongside others is such a different experience – it pushes me out of my comfort zone (in a good way) and I tend to achieve way more than I do within the confinement of my “safe space”. For example, I recently achieved the crow pose with the help of my yoga instructor which was such an amazing achievement.

I realise now how stressful all of that sounds – which helps me understand why I have been feeling so crappy for months now! Thanks, blogging! That’s not to say that I haven’t made some incredible memories that I am very thankful for though so here’s a quick ‘slideshow’ from my iPhone.


My boyfriend and I took a much-needed trip to Disneyland Paris for my birthday/our second anniversary.


I went to the book signing in London for What If It’s Us and got to meet the incredibly sweet Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera.


I attended the London Book Fair for the third year in a row – shoutout to my university for the free ticket.


I have been on a musical kick lately and got to see Heathers The Musical (shockingly intense for someone who didn’t know the original story BUT Carrie Fisher was a star!!) and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (I absolutely adored this one and highly recommend it!!).

As for me finally getting back into blogging: I have a lot planned for you guys! The first part is I am turning the blog’s “niche” into “bookish & lifestyle”. I would love to share more content that goes beyond books and feel it could be more beneficial to readers, and me. Not to mention the idea of becoming a full-time blogger that only talks about books is a bit daunting! I really hope that you guys enjoy these new changes though and appreciate the work that I am now going to put into my blog. I will be posting every TUESDAY and FRIDAY so be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out! Until next time. x

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4 thoughts on “A Life Update

  1. Congrats on graduating! Don’t worry, that directionless feeling will definitely pass. It takes time to find the right fit for a job, and can mean having a few different jobs at first, but you will get there 😊
    Looking forward to the new content!

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  2. CONGRATS on closing one chapter of your life and opening a new one. New adventures are always scary and not easy but you will be okay. I had five licensed professions so do not be surprised if you change through the years. 🙂

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