The Series I Binge Read This Summer

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Hello book lovers! Another week, another catch-up review. I have recently been finding it hard to balance my bookish social media and reading due to me getting so into my recent reads so apologies for the inconsistency. I know that sounds crazy seeing as I am on summer break still so I SHOULD be taking advantage of that fact but instead my body seems to be choosing sleep when I do want to be productive, which is not necessarily a bad thing as a university student currently on break. With that being said, I am returning to uni next week with classes starting the week after so I plan on creating a schedule to time out everything and truly make the most of my final year. Yay for only having two days of classes…? 

Now unless you have been living under a rock or just aren’t a fan of YA books, you have probably seen all the raves about the new Netflix movie based on the first book of this series: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Yes, I know, you probably think Noah is oh so cute and you can’t help but love him BUT my opinion on that will be coming out with a post later on. *Spoiler Alert: Read the whole series and you probably won’t love him as much. Cute Guy = Unhealthy Relationship. Your welcome.* 

Obviously, as a fan of cheesy teen movies and YA books, I was super excited to watch this movie – and still am because I haven’t yet – but I wanted to make sure I read the ENTIRE series first. Now my reason for that: Whenever I watch a movie first, the book always bores me afterwards. I just couldn’t do that to Jenny Han, now could I? I have to admit that I am proud of this decision and do wish that others had done the same because it is driving me crazy how many of them overlooked things that were actually wrong (but are only proved to be so farther into the series) or they completely judged the whole series on the first book and movie. Like don’t get me wrong, my ratings do happen to decrease as I read each book, but that wasn’t due to it being a bad series. Just there were problematic and weak plots, in my eyes. I STILL LOVED THE SERIES THOUGH, DON’T GET ME WRONG!!!

// Now time for some brief reviews //

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Book 1

Ah yes, the best book of them all. Shocker? Not really, this tends to happen in most series and it’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially when the author didn’t even expect it to become a hit and kept writing more books than she originally expected to. THANK YOU, JENNY!

FF6F7066-6F6D-4C17-8EBC-5BF086C21F7BThis first book did a great job at introducing all of the characters, giving a brief overview of the plot, and ending at a point that made me have to buy the second book right after. This was my favourite book of the three simply because it was fun and not so problematic. I didn’t feel like any of it was forced or weak – like don’t get me wrong, I did find the whole love triangle *spoiler(ish) but not really* to be problematic in a typical teen book way but it definitely gets worse as you get further into the series. … I can feel another post coming about that point. 

Overall, it was super cute and I am VERY happy that it was turned into a Netflix film – YAY FOR DIVERSE REPRESENTATION – and yes I will probably become one of those people who watches it constantly but I am also finding myself holding back due to being afraid of the hype misleading me. Like I loved the characters and I was addicted to the book so will I actually enjoy the movie that much too? Or at least close to as much? We’ll just have to wait and see! (And yes I will be making a post about that – this is basically just turning into me coming up with more content. Good job, Athena.) 

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P.S. I Still Love You, Book 2

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have high expectations for this book – especially seeing as I bought it after 1am due to me having no self-control once finishing the first book. Although I only gave this book four starts out of five, I genuinely think that it was the most influential and eye-opening of the series. The drama became more complex and I spent 90% of my time screaming at Lara Jean that she needed to move on from Peter F2E21605-2C0D-4EE9-AFDB-CC09243E499Cand *SPOILER ALERT* go to John. Now don’t me wrong, Peter is insanely adorable and totally goals when it comes to the way he bonds with her family but that is kind of where it ends  – *SPOILER ALERT* good for him for being such a “good guy” to his BLOODY EX but come on???! You don’t just leave your girlfriend behind like that! YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT, PETER, AND THE CONTRACT SAID ALWAYS TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH!!! Can you tell that I have a lot of feelings about Peter as a male/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend??? 

Overall, I would LOVE for Netflix to make a sequel to this so that the non-reader fans can finally see more to Peter than just the cute guy that Lara Jean is head over heel’s for and see how good of a guy John is. My recommendation for fans of the movie? JUST PLEASE READ THE BOOKS!!!!! 



Always and Forever, Lara Jean, Book 3

Ah yes, the book that emotionally drained me for a day. Book 3 focuses on Lara Jean’s senior year – aka the emotional rollercoaster of college applications, preparing yourself to move out, and dealing with knowing that you will probably lose 98% of your high school relationships due to the distance and simply evolving as a person.

The emotions that Lara Jean dealt with certainly hit home for me and as much as I haveC6F2923B-91FB-433D-ACE0-87BB6947F498 been begging Jenny Han to write a fourth book ever since I read the final sentence, it was a perfect ending. The main reason that I give it 3.75 stars is because too many parts of
the plot were rushed. *SPOILER ALERT* Example: The wedding, John getting a girlfriend (way to cut him out like that), Peter’s dad, Margot accepting the new relationship.  I know that the whole point of a final book in a series is to wrap things up but it could have easily been developed better? But hey, they shouldn’t have a probably making it into a movie! Hint hint, Netflix – film the whole trilogy! 

Overall, I’m still not over this book and could probably do a whole rant about it specifically so be sure to comment below if you have any of the same feelings so we can talk about it! Or simply message me on my bookstagram, seeing as that is where we are all a million times more social. Am I right, or am I right?

Book 3 Quote

10 (Though more like a 3.75)

And that is all for now, book lovers! I hope that you enjoyed this rather messy rant/review. I really would like to post further content discussing this series in the future so I will work it into my schedule (eventually). I have a lot of posts to catch up on before then but I am 100% determined to finally get back to having a proper post schedule once returning to uni. Until next time. x

Ps. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the series in the comments down below!


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