2018 Bucket List: I Finally Went to the Cinema by Myself

Love Simon Title

Hello book lovers! Guess who is finally free and on summer break! This girl! I have so much planned for this summer with this blog and my YouTube channel which makes me so happy and I am ready to take on all of my goals.

Now for those of you that follow my bookstagram, you may remember me mentioning some things on my 2018 Bucket List in January – going to the cinema by myself for the very first time was one of them. I have been trying to work out the perfect time and movie for this ever since and last Tuesday was finally the big day! (Wow, I am being dramatic about this but guys — it was a big deal to me).

I first listened to the audiobook of Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli last summer and absolutely loved it. Yes, I even recommended it to anyone and everyone that I could and I am very proud to say that of everyone that read it thanks to me, not a single one didn’t enjoy it (in some way or another). Which let’s be honest, that’s like the best thing that can happen when a book blogger recommends a book. Right?

I have to admit that when I first found out that Love, Simon was happening, I was judgmental. Now hear me out.

  1. Why the heck did they have to change the name? Like I get it now that I have seen the movie – and it is cute – but the original title is just so original and unlike typical YA titles.
  2. The casting. What happened to Simon wearing glasses? Or Leah being bigger? Or Martin being big and broad? Just nothing was really how I had pictured them to be in my head which yes I know this happens with most book-to-movie adaptations (minus the miracle of Daniel Radcliffe basically being born as Harry Potter) but still. I was frustrated. Now that I have seen the movie, did I love all of the characters and think that the actors and actresses did an amazing job at playing each other them? Of course! Just maybe the casting directors could have fit to the “script” a bit more…?
  3. If they somehow find a way to ruin the story and get a hate group following it, they will have to fight me. Now thankfully this did not happen and it has actually gained an even bigger following (which it 100% deserves) but you get what I mean.

So what did I actually think of the movie and the experience? Let’s do a rant (the good kind) review, shall we? *THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS-ISH*


  1. Simon was so stinking cute. No he didn’t exactly fit the book version but still, I was really impressed by Nick Robinson’s performance and have really seen him grow as an actor – certainly in a good way. His reactions to everything was just so fitting to the plot and I now find myself picturing him when reading the book (yes I am re-reading it now and will explain why later on) which is always a good sign for me when it comes to my approval of YA book-to-movie adaptations.
  2. I cried (at least) four times and when I say cry, I mean full on sobbing that makes me go through a bunch of tissues. YES THE MOVIE REALLY WAS THAT GOOD AND EMOTIONAL AND PERFECT AND AMAZING. I had never gotten that much into a YA movie  before – I cried when the characters cried, when something heartbreaking happened, when something heart warming happened, ugh I just loved it so much. I AM READY TO SEE IT AGAIN.
  3. Yes there are differences with details, characters, and certain plot aspects but that is to be expected and I have to admit that now I am re-reading the book, a lot of the changes made since and seemed stronger. I APOLOGISE FOR SAYING THIS BECKY ALBERTALLI BECAUSE I REALLY DO LOVE YOU AND YOUR AMAZING WORK. For example, there is no Alice (why the heck did they cut her??), the vice principal only plays a key part in the movie, Simon thought that Bram had a thing for Leah in the book but they only focused on Nick in the movie, and Nora is so much cuter in the movie.
  4. This isn’t that big of a deal but it kind of bugs me. Simon is the only one with a bloody car in the movie – but in the book nearly all of them drive at some point or another. Why??
  5. I didn’t even get up from my seats during the credits before deciding that I needed to see it again. And again. And again. Can I please just buy the movie now?? Please and thank you!
  6. I am very serious when I say this – this is hand’s-down the best YA movie I have ever seen and possibly will ever see. MARK MY WORD.


Now for basically the best part of this whole thing. I WENT STRAIGHT TO WATERSTONES AFTER LEAVING THE CINEMA TO BUY MYSELF A COPY OF THE BOOK SO THAT I COULD RE-READ IT. Yes, you heard me right, I did it and I freaking loved it!! I have been re-reading the book for five days now and I am over half-way through it and loving it even more than the first time. I do suggest listening to the audiobook because the narrator was perfect but it is definitely a better experience to read a physical copy (shocker, right?). Here is a photo in case you don’t believe me.


And that’s it guys! I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t been to the cinema alone before gives it a try. I found the experience to just be so fun and freeing. You can cry when you want. Laugh when you want. Move around as much as you want. It also probably helps that there were only three other people watching it with me but hey, I would totally go see a movie by myself again and that was my goal with this bucket list item. You go girl! Until next time. x

Ps. Would you guys be interested in me writing a review for the book specifically after I finish re-reading it?

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